Whiskeyman Kegs

Whiskeyman Kegs.


 I have at long last been able to purchase some Beer Kegs. Whiskeyman Kegs I am at the moment  in the process of re branding them to make them mine so that I can sell them on. ( Part of the deal ) I am intending to make some of them into Stills, just like the ones Anthony Rainier sells  in America. The only difference will be that they are Whiskeyman Kegs available here in the UK. You will able to attach your column via the Tri Clamp system just as they do. I am undecided as to go with an electric heating element or stick with gas. There are fors and againsts with both thoughts. Gas is instant to turn off, where as electric continues to heat for a couple of minutes before cool down starts. Electric is easier to use as it is readily available. We are often limited to the amount of power that can be used. Most of our power circuits in the out house or shed are limited to a 16/20/25 or 30amp breaker. If you are at the higher end of this then you will be able to run up to a 4Kw or 5Kw heating element may be a touch more. This can then be controlled via a controller to give you the ultimate control on heating and running your still. If on the other hand your power supply is limited to 16Amp then you will only be able to up to 3Kw. Probably the smaller 50Litre Keg.  Having said that there are always exceptions.

The Whiskeyman Kegs I have at the moment are legally mine to do with as I wish. I have the payed invoice to prove it. I can keep them or sell them on. I have at present 2 x 50Litre and 2 x 100litre. I have not yet set a price on these items as I have no idea how much work is involved to prepare them for there final usage. I intend to put a drain tap in and possibly an electric element, unless you want it for gas or you just want to buy a legal keg.  As I progress I will put some photos on so you can see how things are going.  If there is an interest in owning a Beer Keg legally then please get in touch.  To be continued.   (I have added these photo’s as a taster.)

More Info.  1/7/15  I will not be selling these on eBay as the fee’s make it a no brainer.  They will also be best collected in person so as not to damage the copper pipework that goes with them.  Having said that I am will to post them if you are  willing to pay the postage. The bare keg will be £75.00 plus postage for the 50lt one and £105.00 for the 100lt one.  This will include the removal of the filler pressure spigot so that you have ready access to the top of the keg to fit a Tri Clamp.    They will come with a record of the number on the keg if there is one which I will also keep on record just in case. Not all kegs have a number.  Once they have been fitted with the extras such as element, tap, still pipe, vapour cooling and liebig they will be  more expensive.   Probably in the region of £250.00 plus P&P

Up date on the Kegs. 28/7/16. I am out of 100lt kegs at the moment more to come though. The copper inserts with Distilling Dominoes engraved will no longer be a part the keg. I have now got some stickers.
I will still cut out the name of the previous owner as this is required of me by the seller. I may put some copper decoration in places that have got the cut away just because it looks nice as a contrast.
I now have some 35Lt Stainless Steel pots. I am converting some of them into stills. They can be fitted with electric elements or used as stove top pots.

Should you be interested in any of the above please get in touch at—-distillingdominoes@gmail.com—-or use the contact form. Thank you.




50lt Keg Name Plate



50lt Keg Name Plate

50lt Keg Part finished column

50lt Keg Part finished column



Hello. I have recently gotten into making my own spirit. Looking around at various aspects of this very interesting hobby I have noticed that certain things are not readily available so I thought I would help to address this.

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