Vapour Cooling Coil

Vapour Cooling Tube with 6mm Coil.

Yet another item specially made for someone that wanted extra vapour cooling that did not come back and pay for it.    You would think I would learn wouldn’t you??
This is a double helix copper coil. It was made to fit into the 54mm coupler, so it will not fit into the 54mm tube. The couplers ( 3 ) are soldered together to form the tube. There is a piece of 54mm tube soldered to the bottom of the third coupler so that it will fit into another coupler,i.e. Dividing Tray.
The coil it’s self is soldered into the Cap with an Umbrella at the base to collect the vapour drips and guide them into the Dividing Tray. The Cap also has a piece of 54mm tube soldered to it so that it fits into the top coupler of the tube. I have supplied and fitted two rubbers one top and one bottom to form a loose seal for the Cap to tube seal and the tube to Dividing Tray. All you have got to do is slip the Vapour cooling tube into position and roll down the rubbers and you are all set. This item will also be listed on eBay and web site where it will cheaper.

Overall Length 34cm and weighs in at just over 1Kg.
Top of Cap to the bottom of the umbrella 22cm
Bottom of cap to bottom of umbrella 18.5cm
Top of cap to top bend in 6mm pipes 7.5cm
Overall length of tube on it’s own 23cm
I will put the measurements on the photos so they will probably make more sense.

If you would like to purchase this item click the Add To Cart Button. I am selling this item at a knock down price of £95.00 with free P&P.

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This can be made to order should anyone like one.

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