Type of Dominoe

The ideal size of domino to put in a half litre of spirit is

125mm x 20mm x 20mm

If you are using a one litre container then the ideal size would be

250mm x 20mm x 20mm

This measurement is the equivalent of/to the area of liquid that is in contact with the barrel interior/internal exterior walls of the barrel. In other words the amount of alcohol that is touching the wood at any one time.

The size of domino is actually immaterial so long as the external area of the domino is of the same area of the above dimensions.   This will give you what you would get if you put your alcohol in a 55/65 gallon barrel. The percentage difference in barrel size in hardly calculable. Put this area of domino in your container, shake it from time to time and in anything from two to four weeks  you will get the result that takes two to four years in a barrel.

The ideal alcohol % is in the area of 60-65% proof. This brings out the best in the wood like the Vanillas for example if you are using Oak. This should give you an idea of what happens. You will of course have to experiment and use the  above information as a guide.

The above information is intended as a guide only. Whilst every effort has been made to be as factual as possible there may still be errors.


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