Tri Clamp Tower Sight Glass

2'' Sight GlassThe new stock has arrived.  

The prices are a little higher due to the value of the £. Hopefully this will improve soon.

There is not very much one can say about a sight glass other than they are are heavy the 2” one’s fit the 2” ferrule and 2” tri clamp.

The glass is Borosilicate so pretty tough if treated with respect. They are very resilient to heat.

1 Glass. £32.50 each Plus P&P = RM 2nd class £2.85 Total= £35.35 Best Value. 

2 Glasses £65.00 Plus P&P = RM 2nd class 13.75 Total =£ 78.75 Carrier £8.50 Total £73.50 Best Value. 

3 Glasses £93.00 Plus P&P = RM no contest. Carrier £8.50 =Total £101.50 Best Value 

4 Glasses £120.00 Plus P&P =RM no contest. Carrier £8.50 =Total  £128.50. Best Value 

Best value P&P has been added to the total in the PayPal Button. Should this increase I will take up the difference.


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