Tri Clamp,Ferrules,Gasket

Tri Clamp

Tri Clamp +

These Tri Clamps are Stainless Steel for the 54mm / 2″ copper pipe. They come complete with two yes two Stainless Steel Ferrules and a Silicone Gasket.

AND It is from the UK. 2 or 3 days away. Royal Mail playing ball.

Got to be better than 12 or 15 days possibly more days away.
All of this for only £15.45 + p&p

 2nd Class Post

  1st Class Post

Due to our postal service I do have to charge for postage.

Second class is £2.80  First class is £3.30 Multiple sets please ask for invoice.
Note for postage. 2nd Class 1 to 4 sets P&P £2.80.  P&P 1st Class 1 to 2 sets £3.30. 3 to 4 sets 1st Class £5.45
This is at cost. I still have to buy the packet and take it to the post office.
China Post is nothing much it would seem but it does take time. UK post is one of the best if not the best  in the world. Albeit not infallible.
It has been known for items to take about 3 weeks to get to their destination, and that is first class but it doesn’t happen often.

But hey we’re British. We love a bit of messing about it gives us something to moan about apart from the weather.

Please be awhere that all postage is for the UK only.

International postage is by enquiry only please ask before you purchase. I am willing to send if you are willing to pay the postage.

See some of my moans at

Please note as from 01/02/ 2017  the stainless steel ferrules are almost gone I will not be getting any more.

2” Tri Clamps are available separately on eBay

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