The Illusive 6mm End Feed Elbow

6mm End Feed Elbow, Coupler & 45° Bend

It’s taken a while but I have finally found some of these little blighters. They are like gold dust. But I am willing to share a few with my fellow man or woman.  I will be selling them in pairs as it is not worth selling them as singles. I hope the price is a bit more sensible than most I have seen.  I think to charge anything from £10.99 to £15.83 each for a 6mm copper elbow is taking the ‘P’ admitted they were free post. I am selling mine in pairs for £3.25 Plus .80p for envelope and  first class post. The best I can do I’m afraid. I have to buy them in the first place! Please be aware that the new stock  are in fact just over the 6mm ID they actually measure 6.4mm ID and the 45° Bend measures 6.2mm ID.

Please see the pictures.

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