Still 54mm to 67mm Adaptor .

New 67mm Still Pipe fittings to fit your existing 54mm still pipe fittings.

This is a new adaption I have just made. It will allow you to convert your existing 54mm still into a 67mm still or even bigger just ask. This will increase the yield and the ABV. You will be able to use your existing 54mm vapour cooling tube and pipe work. The vapour cooling tube fits directly into the new dividing tray. The new dividing tray has a 10mm Liebig outlet connection and a blind thermostat port. So you can choose to fit a thermometer or not. If you have the 54mm boss fitting and a 54mm pipe coming from it you will be able to just slot a 67mm to 54mm adaptor on the tube and place your 67mm still pipe into position. Equally if you have a keg fitting you will be able to slot the new adaptor over the existing 54mm pipe and that is all you will need to upgrade to a 67mm still tube. If the keg adaptor has a coupler to take your still pipe you will need a short piece of 54mm tube.( About 3 inches or 75mm of copper pipe.) Your existing Liebig connections will fit the new dividing tray connections providing they are 10mm. If not you will need to adapt the connection or ask I will fit the appropriate connection for you. These larger fitting sizes are not cheap but the improved results will soon cover the cost of the up grade. As a foot note there are a plethora of reducers on eBay to get you from 10mm to what ever size thread is on your Liebig.
The rubber seal that I normally use on the joints is a little more difficult to source for this size of pipe. There is an alternative. The self amalgamating rubber tape that is readily available again on eBay. This will probably last for a couple of runs if you do not break the still down between runs as when it gets hot it tends to relax it’s grip a bit. Again do not worry about any possible contamination as it never comes into contact with the product from the inside. I am trying to source the right size rubber tube at the moment. These photos are a guideline the design may change slightly with possible improvements but the basic idea will remain.

This item is for sale here and on and Distilling Dominoes only. It is not for sale on eBay. I have restricted it to the websites for the launch to give loyal followers and customers first access to the product.

Any questions?

Close up Cone fitting Direct Keg to 67mm Adaptor copy Inside of Keg Adaptor copy The family of 67mm bits copy 67mm Adaptor in Boss on Cone copy Keg to 67mm Adaptor copy Cone fitting and Adaptor. copy PTFE Wrap copy Cone & Adaptor fitted together copy Adaptor and Boss copy Just another shot of the same thing copy Adaptor,Cone & Boss copy Inside Adaptor. copy Keg fitting with Clamp copy


If you would like to purchase any of the above items please do so via the PayPal drop down box

PS– If you would like to pack your 67mm column with copper mesh, as a rough guide you will need 2.5mts per 10cm of pipe. i.e. 500mm/50cm of pipe you will need 12.5mts of mesh. 1000mm/100cm of pipe you will need 25mts of mesh.

54mm x 67mm Dividing Tray in the PayPal box it will say ( 54x67Div Tray ) £53.00 +£5.85 P&P = £58.85

Reducers. You can have a Fitting Reducer as it’s description implies the large end fits inside a coupler or an elbow or a tee. Pipe fits in the small end  PayPal box will say ( 54x 67 Fit Reducer )  £15.00 + £2.50 P&P = £17.50

Reducers. You can have a Reducing Fitting or Reducing Coupling, the pipe fits in both ends.  PayPal box will say  ( 67×54 Reducing Coupling  ) £15.00 + £2.50 P&P =£17.50

Brass Boss with 54mm stub tube soldered in position for a loose/removable fit reducer. PayPal box will say ( 54mm Stub Tube ) £24.00 +£3.75 P&P = £27.75

Brass Boss with 54mm x 67mm Reducer fixed in position ready to take your still pipe. PayPal box will say ( 54×67 B.B. Fixed Reducer ) £42.00 + £4.65 P&P = £46.65

Tri Clamp Keg Ferule. Silver soldered into position with 54mm x 67mm reducer.  Does not include screw clamp. PayPal box will say  (Tri Clamp 54×67 Reducer ) £42.00 + £3.75 P&P = £45.75

67mm End Feed Copper Coupler  PayPal will say  ( 67mm Coupler ) £11.90 +  £1.95 P&P = £13.85

67mm End Feed Copper Cap  PayPal will say  ( 67mm End Cap ) £10.20 + £1.95 P&P = £12.15

67mm End Feed Copper Elbow  PayPal will say  ( 67mm Elbow ) £ 19.50 + £1.95 P&P = £21.45



A new idea 67mm to 54mm Adaptor .


67mm Copper Tube

67mm Copper Pipe I will list in a separate drop down box and it will be priced at £4.40 per 10cm length making a one meter length £44.00. P&P has been added into the price per unit again PayPal does not allow differing postage amounts in the same menu.

67mm Copper Tube

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