Heating Element Terminal Cover.

Still Heating, Mash Boiler, Heating Element Terminal Cover. This is a cover for the 1″ NPT Heating Elements Terminals.

These are made in Copper so they add a very nice contrast to Stainless Steel or a pleasing addition to a Copper Still.

The cover is sold with or without the element. The Element can be a 2Kw or a 3Kw element. I have included an over heat devise for added protection.
This is a bi metal operated item, when it get to hot ( above 100c ) it switches off when it cools down it comes back on. It may be fitted with a Thermal fuse. If the thermal fuse blows then it will need to be replaced. It does not reset. RS No 797-6064

It is important that the elements are run through a controller of some sort.
An electric cooker element / hot plate control would be an example. These would of course need to be mounted in a suitable box. eBay. There are many other types of controller that can be used. These are available from eBay via China mostly. These are not that expensive it just takes awhile to get your hands on them. One of the better ones is the solid state relay with the 470K 2Watt potentiometer, that will need a metal box.

You will need to make the final connections so some electrical knowledge will be necessary. If in doubt consult an Electrician. If you purchase the element along with the terminal cover I can wire the element for you.  I will fit 2mts of PVC heat resisting flex to the element and all you will need to do is connect the flex to your controller.
The element will be supplied with an O ring and a silicone gasket. This will only need to be fitted to your Keg or Milk Can HAND tight. Some PTFE tape may also be a good idea. I have found that hand tight is enough.
Price for this item £34.00 Free P&P.
Price with 2Kw Element and flex £46.00 Free P&P
Price with 3Kw Element and Flex £46.50 Free P&P


Heating Element Terminal Cover

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