Silicone Pot Rim Edging Strip Seal.

Silicone Edging Strip.

Silicone Edging Strip is ideal to sealing the edges of pots thus making them steam proof when distilling. Throw out the flour paste.
Can also be used for making the edges of metal and glass shelves safe. In fact it can be used for numerous edge coverings, i.e. car doors.
Personally I like the distilling option. I only have the one size of this this product due to the fact that it is ideal for my pots.

This is a heavy duty U shape food safe silicone seal. ( See Photos )

It is particularly suited to the larger pots of around 35Lts like the one’s I have for sale.
5mm internal U this will stretch to accommodate a 5mm to an 8mm pot rim. The leg of the U is approximately 9mm long.
All in all a very useful sealing tool.
The 35lt pots take approximately 1.2mts to go around the rim of the pot.


When it comes to the joint squeeze some food safe silicone under the joint on the rim of the pot.

Cover this with none stick paper or similar and refit the lid and clamp down.
Leave this in position for a day and you are ready to go once again.

This is sold by the metre at £3.85 per mt.

Alternatively you may buy it by the foot at £1.38 per foot.

This item is now SOLD OUT. More on order. About 3 weeks.



Silicone Rim Seal

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