Sight Glass Still to fit your Keg.

Sight Glass Still  

Here for sale is a very unique item.

The still is a purpose made item for the distilling enthusiast.
It is a still column with a sight glass mounted at the point the vapour is turned into liquid.
You can watch as the vapours are turned back in the long awaited alcohol / ethanol distilled water what ever you are making you will be able to see it made.
Photo 1 shows the complete still. This does not include the keg. The keg is to show off the still only.

Photo 3 Shows the business end of the still, Photo 4 shows the dividing tray with temperature tube and the 15mm out to connect to your Liebig, Photo 5 is the point at which the vapour is turned back into the desired liquid. Photo 6 is the liquid management of the vapour the cooling coil. This is ready to accept your hose pipes. It also has a temperature tube and a pressure relief valve.  Photos 7&8 are the components as you will receive them.

All the ferrules are copper apart from the sight glass ferrules as this is how it comes.

Gaskets and tri clamps are supplied. All you need is a mash and a keg some hose pipe and you are good to go making moonshine or whatever.
There is only the one and it’s for sale at £225.00 + P&P £ 18.00
This item is also for sale on eBay @ £247.00 + P&P

I do have a few 50lt kegs for sale and a couple of 100lt kegs. The company I buy these from is getting rid of all there 100lt kegs.
When they are gone that will it. 50lt kegs only.

This item is now SOLDIf anyone would like me make another one or something similar please get in touch.

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