Unique 2” Screw in Sight Glass

Unique 2” Screw in Sight Glass

This Sight Glass is unique to Distilling Dominoes. As far as I am awhere it is not available form any one else.

I have imported these to see how they go. There is no need for soldering, brazing or welding. You just make a hole in whatever you wish to see into and fit it.

I have made a think washer to take up the distance from where the thread stops to allow it to be fitted to a thin pot lid.

It comes complete with this washer 2 soft silicone washer and stainless steel back nut. The nut also has an O ring recess should you wish to use an O ring.
O ring not supplied. The O ring required measure 60mm ID and 68mm OD equally the cut size is 60mm OD

Additional Information.

These have been specially made for us to give you the opportunity to fit a sight glass in a stainless steel lid or anything else
with a reasonably flat surface. They have the Borosilicate Heat Proof Glass which is 10mm thick. There is about a 10mm plain area where the thread stops. This allows for the sight glass to be fitted into a thicker item.

I have made some 10mm thick washers in case you want to fit them to a thin pot lid. These washer can be shaped if you wish to fit the unit to a curved surface. This can be done with sand paper and a rounded piece of wood or carefully done with a half round file to shape it to the contours of your barrel, keg etc. This will be up to you as I do not know the shape of your pot, keg or barrel, this is not difficult do.
They also come with two 3mm silicone washers. In fact what you see in the photos is what you get.
Distillers are an ingenious bunch.

The photos show the sequence of assembly and the finished sight glass. The stainless steel washer has an O ring grove
which is suitable for a 60mm ID x 68mm OD ‘O’ ring of about 3mm to 4mm thickness. (Not Supplied. )
The cutout hole size required to fit the sight glass is 60mm in diameter.
There are reasonably priced cutters available on eBay. ( Example 232124806592 only others available.)


This item is now sold out.

I will be ordering more. Watch this space.

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