Pressure cooker, Still / Boiler

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This my first go at Stilling. It worked a treat, but once I got the taste for all things alcohol as in made at home it soon became apparent it just wasn’t big enough. It did a perfect and I used it for quite awhile.  Ideal for the beginner, or perhaps someone who doesn’t drink too much!

Pressure cooker   1

I cannibalised it to what I wanted so it can no longer be used as a pressure cooker.  I had to remove the safety lock on the handles as this stopped it being opened when I wanted to open it.  The seal around the top seemed loose and a bad fit so I contacted the supplier who assured me it was ok, and to my surprise it was.   It worked like a dream. Produced some good alcohol but not enough as it is only  an 18lt boiler so you can only put about 10 to 12lt in it. This is absolutely fine if you are a beginner.

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There is an awful lot of claptrap bandied about about these implements.  If they are as bad as some would have believe we would all be dead from aluminium  poisoning at the age of two!  Just be sensible when cleaning aluminium as with any metal implement your going eat from. Don’t use metal scouring pads.    Some say the alcohol will pit the aluminium  well the cooker isn’t pitted. Just a little grubby. The alcohol is a low wine / low alcohol so no problem, it’s only in there for a couple of hours. When you do your second run the maximum alcohol in the still should be no more than 40% maximum, again only in there for a couple of hours.  As I have said before a study done on aluminium cookers and alcohol  found you would have drink one hell of lot of the stuff before it had any effect and by that time you’d be dead from alcoholic poisoning and not from aluminium poisoning. Oh and one more fact it don’t send you loopy, as in Alzheimer’s  but the alcohol might!

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Please please please if you live in a post code that is more expensive to deliver to get in touch with me before you order.  You know the area you live in so you know what to expect. This will save a lot of aggravation and embarrassment. I do feel for you but there is not much I can do about it. Postage is expensive wherever you live it just more expensive for some than it is for others. The up side is the area is probably remote, quiet and beautiful so you you have to pay for that in some way or another.


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