Still / Pressure Cooker / Boiler

Still / Pressure Cooker / Boiler

This was made into my first still. I used the cooker as the boiler.  I made the column, the dividing  tray, the condenser housing and the condenser coil.  I no longer use the cooker/boiler.    I cannibalised it to what I wanted so it can no longer be used as a pressure cooker.  I had to remove the safety lock on the handles as this stopped it being opened when I wanted to open it.  The seal around the top seemed loose and a bad fit so I contacted the supplier who assured me it was ok, and to my surprise it was.   It worked like a dream. Produced some good alcohol but not enough as it is only  an 18lt boiler so you can only put about 10 to 12lt in it. This is absolutely fine if you are a beginner.


Pressure cooker box

This is the box it arrived in and the box it will depart in.

Pressure cooker   2

Cooker showing the hole for the still head and the two gaskets. Temperature probe fits in hole to left of label. Pressure relief valve to the right of the label.

Pressure cooker    4

Inside of cooker and lid. It will need to have a clean before it is used. Do not use anything abrasive, use a non scratch sponge pad.


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