Plastic Valves Hose Taps

Plastic Valves a cheap economy Hose Tap

Plastic valves . These are an ideal inexpensive way to control the water flow for your still.

I have some with barb to barb and some with a 15mm BSP thread on one end and a barb on the other end.
I have only got the two popular sizes for the stilling water control.
These are the 8mm and the 10mm as this is suitable for the water control of the Liebig and the top of the still vapour condensing cooling coil.
These are plastic on / off valves and can be used on the cold water side of the supply into the Liebig or Condensing Coil. They are not suitable for hot water control.
They can be used in the garden to control the hose pipe when watering plants washing the car etc.

Plastic Valve / Tap

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