Activated Carbon Moonshine Polisher

Activated Carbon Moonshine Polisher

Moonshine Polisher. It is approximately 1mt long and is made of 42mm copper there is nothing to beat it.

This is a neat and very useful hand crafted tool. It has a tank connector at the top end with a tap to fit into your container, a compression fitting in the middle for ease of cleaning and a tap at the bottom end. This tap is to control the flow of product into your receptacle. i.e. Demi John.

You will need to purchase a 2 gallon/10lt food/drink container with a means of being able to be suspended from the ceiling in your brewing department or  able to sit on a high shelf in your shed, cellar or wherever you do the do. Drill a hole of the exact size to suit the 15mm tank connector, even better is to make the hole slightly under size so that you have to screw the connector into the hole. Make sure the O ring is on the inside of the very snug fitting hole for the tank connector and the plastic washer is on the outside. Do it up tight. Being in the middle of your reasonable strong receptacle when the weight of the tube and contents of the liquid are applied this will cause it to sag a bit in the middle thus insuring that you get 99% of the product out through your polishing tube.

MOST IMPORTANT, DO NOT, DO NOT,  BUY A THIN BOTTOM RECEPTACLE. i.e. a brewing bucket, no good! Get a strong water carrier or similar they are cheap enough.

Next, make the connection to your chosen receptacle. Make sure the top tap is turned off. I do supply a 15mm leaver valve for this purpose. Pour a gallon of water into your  receptacle. Hang it on the designated hook sit it on the designated shelf. Connect your moonshine polisher tube and just gently pull on the tube to simulate the expected weigh when it is full of liquid gold. If there are no leaks and you are happy with the results so far empty the water and pour in your precious liquid in. Rehang on the hook. Next fill your polishing tube with activated carbon from your favourite brew shop or from me. I find that two packets do three refills. Some people like to wash there carbon before use, personally I did not used to bother, until I read the Carbon Book. A free down load is available on the web site.  You can fill the two half’s before you do up the compress fitting, make sure the secret marble is in the bottom just above the tap. This stops the carbon running out! Very important. It will not stop the dust carbon, but if you read the Carbon Book this will not be a problem. Anyway this is caught buy the two or three layers of coffee filter paper in the funnel at the top of the receiving Demi John. Hence one Demi John full in the top, one Demi John full out of the bottom. I do not have to worry about overflow. I can walk away and forget it. In the morning it is all done. The bottom tap controls the out put. The slower the better. Four hours a gallon or longer. If you wish you can pour it all back in the top receptacle and put it through again. This is what I do. I just replace the coffee filter papers. When you look at the polished contents in the bottom DJ it does actually SHINE.   This is why it is called a Moonshine Polisher. As ever take a look at  Moonshine Polisher £96.00 + P&P £12.00
P&P is for internal UK post only. Off Shore and Highlands, if your post code is more expensive to deliver to then please get in touch. I do not make anything from postage it is what it is.

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