Knitted Copper Mesh for the Distiller

Knitted Copper Mesh.


Knitted Copper Mesh of high quality 0.25mm thickness. It is NOT the thin stuffit mesh sold mainly from America.  I am assured  it is up to 99.98% pure copper by the manufacturer. If you would like the technical numbers please ask.  It is twice the weight of most other copper mesh for sale on the internet, including eBay.  For example, 10  feet  of my knitted mesh weighs in at 176 gms or 6.2 oz. Other knitted mesh I have purchased in 10 ft lengths  weighs in at 89 gms or 3.1 oz. So they are half the weight of the mesh I have for sale.   This was not planned or made up it just happens that it is a fact.  See the photos.

  This is ideal for packing the reflux still. Plus you will not have to wait for it to come from America.   

( I am using it myself now instead of the previously bought from America mesh )    You will of course need to ensure it is clean and sterile before use, as with all other equipment that you use.    In other words don’t use it straight out of the packet!     The product can be easily cut with household scissors if it is not the length you require.     When rolled to fit the column the odd lengths can be rolled together so there is no waste.    This mesh will probable last the lifetime of your still so making it a much better buy in the long term.    Plus you will not have to wait for it to come from America.    After two or three uses put in it a bucket of citric acid (one tablespoon per gallon of water) and leave overnight.  There is no need to unroll it just leave it as is.  It will be as new again in the morning, rinse in a bucket of water containing baking powder same proportions to neutralise the acid.  All done, already to go again, and  all this  for only a £1.10 for a 300mm length. Twice the product for  much less than twice the price.


This product is sold in what ever  length you would like.  The product is made in a sleeve style so you could put your arm in it, why would you?     It is about 125mm laid flat so about 200mm if opened out.    If you need anymore information please email via the contact us form. Please change the quantity in quantity box on checkout page to what you would like. ie 1 = 300mm,  2=600mm,  3=900mm  etc.  A piece of additional information when ordering. This is an example only.  If your column is 54mm x 600mm tall this is what you will require.  The knitted mesh is 125mm tall when rolled it takes 1500mm to form a roll.  So,  600mm ÷ 125mm = 4.8.  4.8 x 1500mm = 7.200mm. 7.200mm ÷ 300mm = 24 . 24 x £1.10 = £26.40 that is what it will cost to fill your 600mm tall column. Plus whatever postage area you are in.

To help you make a decision as to your requirements the new mesh is 125mm tall when rolled, for a 54mm x 600mm tall column you will need to do the following– 600mm ÷ 125mm = 4.8. It takes 1500mm to form a loose roll.  Multiply 1500mm x 4.8 = 7200mm. ( 7.2mts ) The mesh is sold in multiples of 300mm @ £1.10per 300mm. 7200mm ÷ 300mm = 24.  24 x £1.10 = £26.40 with free P&P UK only.   I hope this makes it understandable.  If your column is longer or shorter the same formula applies. 1mt x 54mm column would need 12mts, £44.00. 2mt column would need 24mts. 3mt column would need 36mts and so on.

A piece of information from the suppliers of this material is that it is between 99.96 and 99.99% pure copper.

Copper Mesh

Copper Mesh

Copper Mesh.

Copper Mesh

Copper Mesh Gauge 0.25 on right

Copper Mesh Gauge 0.25 on right and the thin stuffit on the left. Not easy to see in the photograph.

Don’t be tempted by the rest buy the best, it’s money well spent in the long run.   Buy once not three or four times.    It may seem a little  expensive to start with but it will be the cheapest option in the long run.  Plus the added bonus, it is available in the UK  with only a few days delivery time. I should also point out it will be supplied flat pack as they say in certain circles, this helps with postage.

Top Quality Copper Mesh

Top Quality Copper Mesh

Top Quality Copper Mesh

Please Read.

I am sorry but the normal UK postage does not apply outside of the UK main land. Highlands and Islands please ask.  All other countries will be £14.00 plus what ever amount of mesh you have ordered. Please ask for an invoice if you are in/on one of the Islands or Bylands. This is due to the fact that it has to travel by air. I am willing to send if you are willing to pay. Please ask before you order this save any embarrassment once you have ordered. The mesh will be sent using Royal Mail  International Tracked and Signed For. This is to ensure that your get your item. 11/12mts of mesh sent to Holland, Denmark, Netherlands is in the area of £11.00 GBP.

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