Keg To 54mm Still Adaptor / Pot Still

Keg to Still Pot Still Adaptor.

54mm Copper pipe fitted with a copper tri clamp ferrule.

This is ready to fit to your beer keg. It comes complete with the Liebig cooler 15mm bent pipe at the bottom which can be fitted the long or the short way round, and cooling water control tap with built in hose tail.
It has a 28mm water jacket of approximately 55cm encompassing a 15mm product tube. The photos are showing the optional extra of the built in proofing Parrot.
The Liebig can be adjusted to almost any angle that suits the occasion so it should be able to cope with almost any production volume. The greater the angle the longer the cooling water will stay in the system this is made possible by allowing the cooling water to enter at the bottom via the tap supplied and leaving at the top thus ensuring the tube is kept full of water.
The main tube is 54mm in diameter and is 35cm from the copper tri clamp ferrule to the top of the 54mm elbow. A stainless steel tri clamp along with gasket will be included in the sale to enable you to clamp it to your keg. I have added an 8mm blind temperature port to the top of the 54mm elbow since the photos were taken.
Please note the beer keg is not included in the sale.
This is possible though I do have a few 50lt stainless steel beer kegs and a coupler of 100lt kegs for sale. Please ask if you would like one.
The main 54mm tube can also be filled with copper mesh to give some reflux making this another option for this setup.
These things are normally only available from American but us Brits can be just as innovative as them. Plus it will be cheaper because the postage kills  things from the USA. What costs £25.00 to £50.00P&P from America will probably be only about £12.00 here so an immediate saving.

The base product costs far less in the USA. What cost them $20.00 costs us £20.00 + so we are on a looser before we start. The only way we can win is on the postage and small profit margins.

Just as a foot note when considering a purchase of this type have a close look at the soldering, some of it leaves quite bit to be desired. In fact some of their items look as though a child has been at work. Take a pride in your work!!

Click box for Parrot option.
Keg to Still. Pot Still Adaptor

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