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 Hello and Welcome

After you have browsed the for sale items and found something you would like to purchase please go to  Prices to make your purchase. Thank you.


Hello and welcome.  The following list of items are all for sale. Please chose the item you like the look of and then go to the Pricing Page.  As the old saying goes, All donations gratefully received!  Thank you in advance.

Copper Cooling Condensers suitable for 54mm columns.  I can now produce these in a length of up to 3feet about 92cm in length. This would be in a single coil/helix. Double helix coils would be shorter as there is twice the cooling capacity.  The longer coils would be suitable for a large vat or barrel cooling and would probably be used with refrigerant. Obviously these will not be cheap as copper is expensive and then there is my time to take into account. The price is based on the number of turns and not the length as you could have 10 turns in say 8″ or you could 14 turns in 8″. Please enquire via the contact us  page and I will do my best to for fill your need.

I have produced some cooling coils without the cap plate so you can fit your own.  If this a problem I can fit one for you to suit 54mm copper pipe. They do not have an umbrella on the bottom either. These  would of course be at an additional cost.  The coils are intended for 54mm pipe, and are a single helix/coil. There is room to wrap the coil with mesh should you wish to. Some people like to add mesh to the inside of the coil as well.  I  have added some pictures here  but the pricing will just be a description. i. e. No 1   No 2    No 3   No 4  No 5  No 1 being the shortest and No 5 being the longest.  Please also be aware that the length of the coil has little effect on the price of the coil. The cost is measured by the number  of turns and not on the spacing.  A six inch long coil with 10 turns is going to be more expensive than a six long coil with seven turns.  All the coils are tested before they are advertised for sale.  They all average a flow rate of around 20 to 22 seconds to fill a 2 litre bottle from our mains water. I can also produce the similar coils in 8mm copper . These work out at around £2.20 a turn/coil.  All items for sale on eBay are about 13% more expensive than on this website because that is how much eBay and PayPal take. eBay even add the postage into the percentage they take.

Copper Coils without caps



Copper Cooling Condenser with Cap and 6mm x 1/8″ BSP cold water in and hot water out brass connection points. There is a thermostat tube and a safety valve.  The above condensers can all be fitted with these devises should you wish me to do so. This will of course be at an added cost.  Please enquire via the contact form.

This is a new unused single coil condenser.  It includes 54mm top cap to fit 54mm tube, 6mm diameter thermostat probe tube 2.5″ to 3″ long,  water in and water out connections and the safety valve.  The water in and out are compression fittings to the 6mm spiral tube. These fittings are 1/8th bsp female for the customers water connections.  Please note DO NOT USE A SINGLE SPANNER TO TIGHTEN YOUR EXTERNAL WATER CONNECTIONS GENTLY USE TWO SPANNERS. Remember it is only 6mm copper.  If you twist the connections off or bend the pipe through brute force don’t come crying to me.

The spiral itself is about 10″ long ( 260mm in new money ) and overall about 12″ ( 300mm )  It had a good flow of water through it when tested.
Coil with cap £54.48 + £5.85 P&P



 Knitted Copper Mesh

Knitted Copper Mesh. Please change the quantity in quantity box on checkout page to what you would like. ie 1 = 1ft,  2=2ft,  30=30ft  Standard length is 10 = 10ft. Most of it is already  cut into this length. You can of course have what ever you like.  This is a very good quality mesh and nothing lie the stuffit mesh. This is good quality about twice the thickness of the stuff  it.

This is a high quality 0.25mm thickness Knitted Copper mesh, imported by ourselves. It is NOT the thin stuffit mesh sold mainly from America.  I am assured  it is 99.99% pure copper by the manufacturer. It is twice the weight of most other copper mesh for sale on the internet, including eBay.  For example, 10  feet  of my mesh weighs in at 176 gms or 6.2 oz. Other mesh I have purchased in 10 ft lengths  weighs in at 89 gms or 3.1 oz. So they are half the weight of the mesh I have for sale.   This was not planned or made up it just happens that it is a fact.  See the photos.   This is ideal for packing the reflux still. ( I am using it myself now instead of the previously bought mesh )    You will of course need to ensure it is clean and sterile before use, as with all other equipment that you use.    In other words don’t use it straight out of the packet!     The product can be easily cut with household scissors if it is not the length you require.     When rolled to fit the column the odd lengths can be rolled together so there is no waste.    This mesh will probable last the lifetime of your still so making it a much better buy in the long term.    Plus you will not have to wait for it to come from America.    After two or three uses put in it a bucket of citric acid (one tablespoon per gallon of water) and leave overnight.    It will be as new again in the morning, rinse in a bucket of water containing baking powder same proportions to neutralise the acid.   There you are, already to go again, and  all this  for only a £1.10 a foot. Twice the product for  much less than twice the price.    This product is sold in 10 ft lengths,  you can of course have shorter lengths should you require.     It is made in a sleeve style so you could put your arm in it, why would you?     It is about 4″ laid flat so about 8″ if opened out.    If you need anymore information please email via the contact us form.


54mm Column Boss 

I have managed to locate some items and adapt them to make it easier to attach and remove the main column of the still for cleaning and storing. All you have to do is solder it into place. It’s then just a matter of screw it on and unscrew it when finished. You must use lead free solder for all soldering activities for the Still, or of course Silver solder is a better option but much more expensive.   I use the lead free plumbers solder.  Picture five shows the inside of the boss with the tube inserted and all that is required is for  it  to have some flux applied, heated with the blowtorch and  the solder run in. Both pieces  of the boss are brass so they can welded if you are proficient with that implement or brazed, again not easy, or the easy option, solder.  The piece that attaches to the body of the still needs a 68mm or 2.7inch or 2&23∕32inch hole in the top of the still where the column will be fitted. The female part of the boss will need to be fixed into this hole by your preferred method ready to accept the column.  £22.75 + £3.30 P&P



      54mm Boss  £22.75 + £3.30 P&P



Fermentation Heating Controller.

Controller Pic 1 copyI have been using this type heater for sometime now and find it is one of the best ways to keep the temperature of my wine or other brew at a suitable temperature for optimum fermentation. I find this temperature to be between 19c and 23c. The wine yeasts seem to work very well at these temperature, the sugar water brews for my alcohol and beer also work very well at these temperatures.
It makes no difference what the ambient temperature is to this system as it is self contained. If the temperature goes above the set temperature then it will not switch on. If the temperature of the liquid goes below the set temperature it will switch on and maintain that setting. Unlike a lot of other systems out there that you have to switch on and off manually, a right pain if you forget.
I have also found that a wrap of bubble-wrap about three times around what you are fermenting, either a single demi-john or two together likewise with the beer bucket or buckets or again with my favourite at the moment the sugar water this helps counteract ambient temperature changes and more importantly the temperature of the brew, thus making it a bit less expensive. Having said that the belts are only about 25 watts anyway, so you would have to have it running continuously for 40 hours to burn 1Kw. If it is insulated with the bubble wrap I would guestimate that it would run for 60 hours for your Kilowatt cost even in the cooler times. Mine seamed to off longer that it was on this winter.
I always fit my belts about three inches up from the bottom of the vestal/s being used.
Controller Working No2 copyI have set the temperature of the controller to my favourite settings. If this is not to your liking you may alter it yourself. Please be warned this not as simple as it appears in the manual. You must turn on the user interface to be able to alter the settings by holding down one of the setting triangles for a few seconds. I have fitted a 3mt length of flex to the unit. The probe that comes with the temperature control is a fixture and only 1mt in length. I have found this to be perfectly adequate. Simply attach to the DJ or bucket with a piece of masking tape or similar. Try not to place sensor immediately above the heated part of the belt.  The unit comes complete with 13amp plug top and is ready to go. ( apart from the masking tape )
If you require a longer length of flex please let me know.




Distillers Liebig Condenser for Liquid Management.


               Made in the Great Britain. 


I have produced a couple of all copper Liebig Condensers. Named after Justus Baron von Liebig. These are suitable for use with a 54mm column and the larger of the two a 75mm column. Both can be used with a 54mm column. They are entirely made of copper and plumbers silver solder, which incidentally does not come into contact with the liquid / alcohol side of things. There is a 15mm pipe for your liquid management and a 22mm jacket for cooling management. The photos show various fittings for connection to standard half inch garden hose. These adaptors are mainly Hozelock in conjunction with John Guest and standard compression plumbing fittings. This is for  illustrative purposes only and are not included in the sale. You will obviously use what ever fitting suit you.

 The 15mm pipe will need a metal control valve / needle valve at the top near the column head control the flow of the good stuff, but for the cooling water the plastic John Guest or similar i.e. washing machine tap will suffice. I use the blue marker disc in reverse as I find this makes the removal of the push on fittings a doddle to remove.

The all important measurements,  the smaller of the two is 78cm overall with 6cm x 15mm  product tails and 6cm x 15mm coolant tails.  The 22mm coolant jacket is 60cm long.  The larger of the two 100cm overall with product tails of 9cm x 15mm and 6cm x 15mm coolant tails. The 22mm coolant jacket is 75cm long.  For pricing purposes I will call the small one the 78cm Liebig and the larger one 100cm Liebig.

28mm Jacket Liebig’s

I have now made a couple more Liebig’s I will put one on eBay and one on  Overall length is 72cm with a 15mm product tube and a 28mm cooling jacket. product tails and cooling tails are 8cm long. Being a 28mm cooling jacket it should more than cope with the average still column.  All the Liebig’s I have for sale are polished and brush lacquered with clear lacquer, all except the last 25mm where your connections will be made.

Control the flow of your product into the parrot via a copper Liebig. Control the temperature of the product into the parrot to get the correct proof reading around the 20ºC mark.



Dividing Tray. Especially for 54mm columns and 54mm vapour cooling towers.

These hand crafted specially made items have a 6mm x 70mm long temperature probe pocket under the tray for vapour temperature at the top of the reflux column. I have fitted a 10mm x 70mm long outlet tube at the base of the tray for you to fit your own liquid management needle valve.

There are two types to choose from at the moment one with a 35mm neck that opens to the cooling tower and one with a 28mm neck that opens to the cooling tower. The 28mm neck provides quite a large liquid collection area before the liquid management tap. The 35mm neck does not have such a large collection area and will reflux a bit quicker when the tap is turned down / off. It all depends on how you like to run your still.

Please see pictures.



 Activated Carbon Moonshine Polisher

It is approximately 1mt long and is made of 42mm copper there is nothing to beat it.

This is a neat and very useful hand crafted tool. It has a tank connector at the top end with tap to fit into your container, a compression fitting in the middle for ease of cleaning and a tap at the bottom end to control the flow of product into your receptacle. i.e. Demi John.

You will need to purchase a 2 gallon/10lt food/drink container with a means of being able of being suspended from the ceiling in your brewing department i.e. shed, cellar or wherever you do the do. Drill a hole of the exact size to suit the 15mm tank connector even better is to make the hole slightly under size so that you have to screw the connector into the hole. Make sure the O ring is on the inside of the very snug fitting  hole for the tank connector and the plastic washer is on the outside. Do it up tight. Being in the middle of your reasonable strong receptacle when the weight of the tube and contents of the liquid  are applied this will cause it to sag a bit in the middle thus insuring  that you get 99% of the product  out through your polishing tube.  MOST IMPORTANT,  DO NOT, DO NOT,  BUY A THIN BOTTOM RECEPTACLE. i.e. a brewing bucket, no good! Get a strong water carrier or similar they are cheap enough.

Next. make sure the top tap is turned off.  Pour a gallon of water into your top receptacle. Hang it on the designated hook. Connect your polishing tube and just gently pull on the tube to simulate the expected weight when it is full of liquid gold. If there are no leaks and you are happy with the results so far empty the water and pour in your precious liquid. Rehang on the hook.  Next fill your polishing tube with activated carbon from your favourite brew shop. I find that two packets do three refills. Some people like to wash there carbon before use, personally I don’t bother, each to there own. You can fill half before you do up the compression fitting, make sure the secret  marble is in the bottom just above the tap. This stops the carbon running out! Very important. It will not stop the dust carbon, this is caught buy the two or three layers of coffee filter paper in the funnel at  the top of the receiving Demi John. Hence one Demi John fill in the top, one Demi John out of the bottom. I do not have to worry about overflow. I can walk away and forget it. In the morning it is all done. The bottom tap controls the out put. The slower the better. Four/five hours a gallon or longer.  If you wish you can pour it all back in the top receptacle and put it through again. This is what I do. I just replace the coffee filter papers. This is why it is called moonshine. When you look at the polished contents in the bottom DJ it does actually SHINE.

This fantastically simple to use piece of equipment sells for the meager sum of £86.00 Plus P&P



Please please please if you live in a post code that is more expensive to deliver to get in touch with me before you order.  You know the area you live in so you know what to expect. This will save a lot of aggravation and embarrassment. I do feel for you but there is not much I can do about it. Postage is expensive wherever you live it’s just more expensive for some than it is for others. The up side is the area is probably remote, quiet and beautiful so you you have to pay for that in some way or another.




6mm Endfeed Elbows

Having trawled through all the eBay listing and most other places to find a 6mm elbow that I could afford, I was on the point of giving up. I was not prepared to pay £10/ £12/ £14/ or even one amount of £15.00+ for one 6mm elbow. Alright they were mostly free post, I would want them hand delivered for those sort of prices!  I even purchased some 6mm Tees. Cut one of the spouts into shape tapped it over and soldered it up. Perfect a little more work but a satisfactory end result, and best of all a huge saving in money.   Marginally tighter bend, but that was not a problem.  I now have a very limited amount of these little rascals. I am selling them in pairs for the grand sum of £3.25 Plus a first class stamp.   I am not making a fortune as I had to buy them in the first place. To sell one on it’s own is not cost effective.  I just don’t like to rip people off.  At these prices it is not worth the messing about with the tees anymore. Another plus.
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