The Still

It is of course illegal to make alcohol in Britain as it is in most countries, but it’s not illegal to make or use a still to distil water or plant aroma oils. You can  buy alcohol to use with the products I am making and selling. Or you can of course purchase an alcohol license and make it for real, legally and above board.

I would like to thank Kyle Brown of Clawhammer Supply and Anthony Rainier of Rainier Distillers. I recommend you look these guys up on You Tube. These guys gave me all the ideas and know how to build my own still.  I must say, it is working beautifully.

I made my still from an old copper  hot water cylinder. I firstly removed all the lagging and cleaned it up. I cut off the top and bottom removed a section of the body to make a smaller cylinder and soldered it back together. The bottom of the original tank became the top of my new still. I purchased a piece of thicker copper for the bottom and followed Kyle Browns videos.  The immersion heating element that was in the tank was cannibalized so that I could use only the brass bit with the thread  that the element and thermostat were in. This was all removed and filed away so that it just left the treads and nut. The two inch copper pipe for the main part of the still was soldered into it.  I bought an immersion boss and soldered that to my top plate so that I can screw my column on and off to clean and repack my copper mesh.  Most of the remaining ideas came from Anthony Rainier. With ideas such as using a cycle inner tube as a seal. This is enough to seal but will still allow pressure to escape, although I also fitted a pressure cooker vent after removing the spring.  I wound my own cooling coil, that was fun (not). The hardest part was filling the tube with salt so that in didn’t flatten when being bent. But at the end of it all I enjoyed the making and I especially enjoy the end results.

Copper tank being made ready

Copper tank being made ready

Still Cooling system Immersion Boss Home made Parrot Heating control

The result of all this work made it necessary to obtain some oak. American White Oak. Best quality seasoned American White Oak for the proverbial Domino to use with the result of all those labours.

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