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By The Babbling Brook


We are hoping to fill a niche in the world of distilling. Having recently gotten into this hobby it is clear that some things are not readily available. Whilst we cannot cover everything that’s not readily available we can try with some of it. We plan to start with the wood dominoes.  The favourite being the American White Oak Domino. We are all so going to include the facility of personally made to your requirement, domino size. You email us with the size  you would like and we will produce it. We will then flame it to your  specification.

If you have a few moments please have a read.

Hello. If you have made a resent purchase I thank you, if you have not then perhaps you may in the future. Your support is much appreciated. I am now retired, thankfully, and mostly enjoying it. Just wish the pension was a bit more user friendly and I had put more into it, but that’s another story. I enjoy my hobbies, mostly gardening, gardening, and then a bit more gardening. When the love of my live is out doing her thing I then get on with my real hobby. Stilling. As time has gone on it has become a bit more involved.  I love to make the various bits and bobs, including a copper still that I started months ago. (I don’t do stainless steel).  I just buy in the pots and add my bits to them. The best bit of all is what comes out the other end. (Enjoying some as I type ). I just can’t believe the stupid prices of materials in the last couple of years since I retired.
 I try to be as fair as I can with my prices but as we all know, you don’t get out for nowt. If you do then bells should start to ring. After all the object of the exercise is not to lose money but to try and make a few bob by doing things other people can’t or can’t be bothered to make. I do as good a job as I can and if I am not happy with it then I don’t put it up for sale. I appreciate good craftsmanship and I try hard to impart this in what I do. I enjoy what I do and try to enhance my meagre pension as best I can. I am trying to source various items from around the world, I think you know the most common one, begins with C. Nearly all the people that supply want you to buy in large amounts. By the time you have added shipping and import duties it becomes clear you are on a hiding to nothing, but I am still looking.

If you have any complaints or are not happy with the item you have purchased please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my utmost to resolve the situation what ever it may be. As I said in the beginning, thank you for your interest and support.




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