Heating Simmering Controlling .

UK AC 220Volt/240Volt 0.07A Aluminium Cooling Fan 80 mm x 80mm x 25mm.

These fit in the blue boxes I have for sale to stop things heating up..
They are ideal to keep the controller temperature nice and low while the brewing is taking place.
The controllers are well known for getting a bit warm when they are in use. This is the perfect solution.
The fans are Sunon Fans and are supplied complete with 2 Grills. Website Price £10.99

UK AC 220 Volt LED Voltage and Ammeter combined.

It comes complete with the CT Coil.
Just run one of the leads to what ever you wish to monitor through the centre of the coil and the amperage will be displayed plus the voltage.
These make the ideal meter to monitor your heating element in your still or brew kettle.
You will know exactly what is going on. Website Price £9.00

UK AC 220 Volt 5000 Watt Voltage Regulator.

These are ideal for the 2Kw and the 3Kw heating elements.
When used in conjunction with a Blue Box the LED Voltage Ammeter and Cooling Fan you have the perfect answer to your Brew Heating, Distilling Control.
Unfortunately I cannot compete with the Chines postal system. The margins are very tight so I do have to charge for P&P
I can compete with there delivery service. Website Price £7.00

Metal Boxes Adaptable Boxes Equipment Boxes

These boxes have been imported from the PRC, where else?? We can’t make them for the price.
As the £ and the $ is now in a short term pickle the exchange rate is not good. Should have bought them sooner. lol
They are Blue colour coated sheet metal with a plastic frame, feet are also included as standard.
If you do not like the colour then just spray on a colour that suits you.
The cover/end plates are supplied separately along with the fixing screws. The box can be taken apart by removing a few screws.
This makes it easier to impose/fit your own design of equipment.
They are naturally ventilated at each end. I am using them as control boxes. I fit a cooling fan via a cut out at each end.
I have some 80mm x 80mm x 25mm 220 volt fans along with some fan grills.
I also have some Voltage / Amp Meters along with 5000watt controllers.
At the present moment I have 2 sizes of the boxes. – 250mm x 190mm x 110mm and – 180mm x 130mm x 110mm
This is a superb  project box at a very good price given the present circumstances.
If you need a bit more room the 250mm long box is for you.
You could make your own 3Kw element controller with a volt and ammeter for a very reasonable price with these boxes.
They are much easier to work with than the  standard metal or plastic adaptable boxes.
Website Price £17.00 and £16.00 respectively

Adaptable Boxes

Spring Loaded Toggle Lid Clips

I have for sale a very robust spring clip. I use these clips myself to hold down the lids on brew pots.
I thought I would share some.
With a silicone seal around the rim of the pot and these clips you get the perfect seal to your pot.
They are not cheap as the shipping to get them here was as much as the clips.
But they are here in the UK, two or three days away not two or three weeks away.
They are 120mm long, not the little 80mm normally offered from China. The mounting holes are just under 5mm and are 4cm apart.
So a 4mm fixing will be ideal. They can pot riveted, copper riveted or nut and bolt fixed to your receptacle.
No more messing with flower paste. Website Price £5.00 a pair/5 pairs £24.00

Spring Loaded Toggle Lid Clips


Electric Heating Elements.

These are very similar to the other ones on eBay the difference is these are made with a British Thread.
These elements have a 1” BSPT British Standard Pipe Thread. Not the DN continental thread.
I have some 2Kw and some 3Kw elements. I have some red terminal cover shrouds and some back nuts.
The terminal shrouds will be supplied with the element. Back nuts  are £2.50 each free p&p.
I am also working on a cover for the connection area. These elements are designed to be fitted inside an appliance but they lend themselves
very nicely to the brewing amateur and professional trade alike.  A, they are not terrible expensive and B, they are very compact.
It seems a shame not to use them as they will fit into quite a small pot and equally they will fit a milk can.
The element length from the bottom of the nut is 19cm 2Kw and 25cm 3Kw.
If you just want the terminal guards or back nuts please ask as the postage will be a lot less than for the element.
If they are ordered together with the element then it will be the single amount.
Unfortunately the postage is a bit of a nightmare to work out as we cannot have multiple amounts.
Website Price 2Kw £14.00 3Kw £15.00

Electric Heating Elements

All of these items are here in the UK and only 2 or 3 days away.

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