Gin Basket  Stainless Steel Pot Still


This Gin  pot still has a lot of uses. The main one being the basic pot still. The Gin Basket side of things is a by the by. The pot could have your infusion put in and collect the essence as produced ready to add to your Gin or what ever you are producing. Being a fairly small pot it is ideal for this purpose.

Can be used as an essential oil producer, Gin Basket to make your favourite essence to add to your Moonshine / Neutral Spirit.

This is designed to sit on your normal cooking appliance i.e. gas, electric, Aga or similar. It is not suited to induction hobs.

The pot is a stainless pot that measures 23cm in height and 26cm in diameter. It is a 12 quart / 2.5 imperial gallon or 11.4Lt.

The cooling jacket is 25cm long and is 54mm in diameter so lots of cooling.
The overall length from the Line Arm bend to the product outlet is 58cm and from the base of the pot to the highest point ( the bend in the line arm which incidentally is 15mm copper) is 55cm.
I have also added an extension if needed to the product outlet tube this is a push fit with a rubber seal. Please note. This seal does not come in contact with the product.
The cooling water hose tails are 12mm this is the standard garden hose size. I have photographed an odd piece to show you. Obviously this does not come with the item as it’s only 4″ long.

This is a new item and unused please see description and photographs. It comes with a plastic seal around the lid but if you are more of a purist then you may wish to throw this away and use the traditional flour paste. It may have some workshop marks and or debre associated with it as you would expect having just been made. It will need to have a cleaning run before being put in to use.      We have a blog site  that covers several topics some of which are to do with Distilling.

The all important bit is £131.65 plus P&P£12.00.


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