Flamed Wild Cherry Dominoes

Wild  Cherry Dominoes

175mm x 20mm x 15mm Light Flame.  This will be just like a light black dusting you will still see the wood colour through the flaming.

175mm x 20mm x 15mm Medium Flame. This will be an even blackening that covers the entire surface of the wood.

175mm x 20mm x 15mm Heavy Flame. This will be a similar charring that occurs  inside  the barrels when they are  Commercially Flamed.  The only difference being I do not  steam them afterwards.  A, I have not got the equipment and B, it would add to production and postal costs if they were damp.

These are cut and flamed within a few minutes. They are cut to the required size they are then Flamed to the give time. They are wrapped in cling film while still warm to keep them as fresh as possible. I do not cut anything until it is ordered.
All postage is for normal UK post codes only. Highlands, Islands and Overseas please ask for postage amounts.

Wild Cherry No Flame £5.45


Wild Cherry Light Flame £5.55


Wild Cherry Medium Flame £5.65


Wild Cherry Heavy Flame £5.75


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