Fermentation Heating Controller

Fermentation Heating Controller.

Controller Pic 1 copyI have been using this type heater for sometime now and find it is one of the best ways to keep the temperature of my wine or other brew at a suitable temperature for optimum fermentation. I find this temperature to be between 19c and 23c. The wine yeasts seem to work very well at these temperature, the sugar water brews for my alcohol and beer also work very well at these temperatures.

It makes no difference what the ambient temperature is to this system as it is self contained. If the temperature goes above the set temperature the controller will not switch on. If the temperature of the liquid goes below the set temperature it will switch on and maintain that setting. Unlike a lot of other systems out there that you have to switch on and off manually, a right pain if you forget.


I have also found that a wrap of bubble-wrap about three times around what you are fermenting, either a single demi-john or two together likewise with the beer bucket or buckets.  Again with my favourite at the moment the sugar water this helps counteract ambient temperature changes. More importantly the temperature of the brew, thus making it a bit less expensive. Having said that the belts are only about 25 watts anyway, so you would have to have it running continuously for 40 hours to burn 1Kw. If it is insulated with the bubble wrap I would guesstimate that it would run for 60 hours for your Kilowatt cost even in the cooler times. Mine seamed to off longer that it was on this winter.


I always fit my belts about three inches up from the bottom of the vestal/s being used.
Controller Working No2 copy I have set the temperature of the controller to my favourite settings. If this is not to your liking you may alter it yourself. Please be warned this not as simple as it appears in the manual. You must turn on the user interface to be able to alter the settings by holding down one of the setting triangles for a few seconds. I have fitted a 3mt length of flex to the unit. The probe that comes with the temperature control is a fixture and only 1mt in length.

I have found this to be perfectly adequate. Simply attach to the DJ or bucket with a piece of masking tape or similar. Try not to place sensor immediately above the heated part of the belt.  The unit comes complete with 13amp plug top and is ready to go. ( apart from the masking tape )
If you require a longer length of flex please let me know.

Please please please if you live in a post code that is more expensive to deliver to get in touch with me before you order.  You know the area you live in so you know what to expect. This will save a lot of aggravation and embarrassment. I do feel for you but there is not much I can do about it. Postage is expensive wherever you live it just more expensive for some than it is for others. The up side is the area is probably remote, quiet and beautiful so you you have to pay for that in some way or another.




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