Dominoes To Add To Your Distillate.


Dominoes With No Flame

Dominoes, 5 dominoes of the particular species you choose. If you would like an alternative size or the stock size cut in half please ask. We at distillingdominoes being small hobby site try our best to fore fill your requirement this is something larger organisations can not do. We also have a listing with the flamed version of these dominoes along with the 1lt and 1/2lt jar size domino. Supplied in multiples of 5.

These dominoes are the best of the rest.

We cut all our dominoes long grain. This is done on a band saw, it leaves the edge of the domino a little rough and I feel this adds a little extra edge for penetration from the alcohol  as apposed to a smooth surface. This simulates the staves in the actual barrel that the alcohol is stored in at the distilleries. It adds colour and taste the colour is a beautiful golden colour from the Oak. This intern makes for a far superior end result than any chip can ever produce. ( Sorry Chip Producers but it’s true ) Chips are normally produced from waste material and not specific top quality material and so are made up of random grain orientation. This is turn leads to a random extraction from the wood. This is why they are very variable in the end result / taste and colour in your product. Just as a by the by we also have a blog with a variant of subjects some of which refer to distilling.

All postage is for normal  UK post codes only.  Highlands, Islands and overseas please ask for postage amounts. We cannot be responsible for under postage if you do not tell us.


Plain Dominoes No Flame American White Oak £5.45

Euro Oak £5.45

Apple £5.45

Wild Cherry £5.45

Sweet Cherry £5.45

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