Dominoes for Distilling

What are dominoes? No not those dominoes you can’t go knock knock and put them in your alcohol.

Dominoes are the answer to barrel aging. What takes years in a barrel takes weeks in a jar or demi-john.

It’s just magic, and we can help you make the magic happen. All you have to do is purchase the type of wood you would like weather it be plain or flamed, pop it in with your alcohol, seal the top, shake it once or twice a day or just whenever you happen to be passing. Release the lid to let out any pressure and most importantly let new air in. This simulates the process that goes on in the barrel. Firstly the angels share is not lost to the angels. Secondly what takes four or five years to complete in the barrel can be achieved in four or five weeks in the jar. Supplied in multiples of 5.

This is due to the fact that there is as much if not more wood in contact with the liquid than there is in a barrel. The barrels only get moved if they are lucky about once a year. You are moving your alcohol possibly every day. The result is the same possibly better and a whole lot quicker.

We make various sizes of wood dominoes to add to your distillate.

 All the Dominoes we produce are cut Long Grain. This ensures that they perform as they would if they were part of a barrel, it’s just that they work quicker.

  •   You order and pay we make and send, often the same day.
  • These are band saw cut. This leaves the edges a little uneven which adds  a little more depth in use. This is better than a completely smooth surface,  the ends  left square. They are cut to  our standard sizes. If you require a certain size then please ask.

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