Dividing Tray. Especially for 54mm columns.


Dividing Tray. Especially for 54mm columns and 54mm vapour cooling towers.

These hand crafted specially made dividing trays have a 6mm x 70mm long temperature probe pocket under the tray for vapour temperature at the top of the reflux column. I have fitted a 10mm x 70mm long outlet tube at the base of the tray for you to fit your own liquid management needle valve.We also have some needle valves.

There are two types to choose from at the moment one with a 35mm neck that opens to the cooling tower and one with a 28mm neck that opens to the cooling tower. The 28mm neck provides quite a large liquid collection area before the liquid management tap. The 35mm neck does not have such a large collection area and will reflux a bit quicker when the tap is turned down / off. Again this may vary dependant on items available.  It all depends on how you like to run your still. There are  or will be other sizes to suit other sizes of pipe. If there is some thing you like but can’t find then please get in touch. Don’t be frightened to ask we don’t bite.  Well, not hard anyway!  The sizes of the neck in the tray is not set in stone so please ask if you would something a little different. You may be interested in having a look at : http://www.distillingdominoes.co.uk/moonshine-essence/

You may also be interested in www.whiskeymansblog.co.uk  Also see www.distillinguk.uk this is our newest site.  

Please see pictures. I  apologise for my spelling. I am thinking one thing and typing something else.


These item are for sale at £52.00 +P&P Please be awhere that the sizes may vary for the produce outlet and tube.

Please please please if you live in a post code that is more expensive to deliver to get in touch with me before you order.  You know the area you live in so you know what to expect. This will save a lot of aggravation and embarrassment. I do feel for you but there is not much I can do about it. Postage is expensive wherever you live it just more expensive for some than it is for others. The up side is the area is probably remote, quiet and beautiful so you you have to pay for that in some way or another.

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