Distillers Stainless Steel Weld in Sight Glass

 A Must Have.

I just have bought in some  weld in sight glasses to see if they will sell.
I think I may have bought them at the wrong time with all this nonsense and scare mongering about us leaving the EU.
Should never have joined in the first place we wouldn’t be in the pickle we are now. I can remember how it was before we joined this organization.
Life was easy and sweet. No stupid rules to abide by. Just the normal rules we grew up with. But I digress.

Weld in Sight Glasses .

These are for the amateur and the professional alike.  Both of us need to be awhere of what is going on in the still boiler.

They are stainless steel with a threaded nut to hold  the glass in place.

These are of the weld in type as the name suggests I have 2” 3” and 4”.
I also have a few spare glasses for them.

They are designed to be welded into a pot or keg or whatever you are using. The glass has a gasket either side and a screw on retaining ring/nut.

These come complete with the gasket set already in situ.

These make it possible  for you  to be able to look into your boiler and see exactly was in going on.

This will allow you to head off a boil over or  frothing incident. An invaluable addition to your still.

Prices are as follows

Website 2” £23.00, 3” £35.00, 4″ £62.00
These things are very heavy so the P&P will be expensive.
2″ P&P 2nd Class £2.85, 3″ 2nd Class £2.85, 4” 2nd Class £2.85
2″ 1st Class £3.35, 3” 1st Class £5.50, 4” 1st Class £5.50
I will add these amounts into the price so you have the choice.
eBay will be more expensive.

Important. The two inch weld in sight glasses are all sold.

Weld in Sight Glasses

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