Distillers Copper Parrot.

Hand Crafted Copper  Moonshine Distilling Parrot.

Distillers Copper Proofing Parrot Hand Crafted Here in Great Briton.


I have just produced another Parrot. See it on www.distillingdominoes.co.uk. It will also be slightly less expensive than eBay.  This one has removable legs and spout. I am trying to find a design whereby it is practical and easy to pack and post. The removable legs and outlet spout seem to fit the bill. This will also enable you to take it to a friends house. Please see photos with explanations on them. The legs can be adjusted by carefully bending them where they attach to the body to allow you to get it up right so that the Alcometer does not touch the sides of the tube thus producing the correct reading at the appropriate temperature. This is normally 20° C. The point at which the legs attach to the Parrot is rotatable to try and give as much flexibility as possible. I have fitted a dump tap to this one so that the first 50 to 100ml of the nasty stuff can be gotten rid of without the need to move the parrot or stop the flow. Leave the tap open until you have the measured amount you don’t want and then just close the tap and watch your Alcometer rise and fall. ( Jar not included. ) Sorry the free Alcometer’s are all gone.
Taps may vary according to availability.

Please please if you live in a post code that is more expensive to deliver to get in touch with me before you order.  You know the area you live in so you know what to expect. This will save a lot of aggravation and embarrassment. I do feel for you but there is not much I can do about it. Postage is expensive wherever you live it just more expensive for some than it is for others. The up side is the area is probably remote, quiet and beautiful so  you have to pay for that in some way or another.

Royal Mail Postal Service probably the best in the world.
However they do make mistakes. Whilst most things reach there destination within a few days it can take up to 21days for items to arrive even 1st class mail.
Please also note that the delivery times are eBay delivery times not mine and as such should be taken with a pinch of salt.
They are not factual. If for some reason you have a problem please contact me before you go to eBay.
Royal Mail Sign For is almost  guaranteed to reach you.
As an aside. The Royal mail is now very expensive. This is pushing people like myself towards the various independent carriers. Some are better than others but we pay our money and take our chances. If you would like me to send with a preferred carrier then please ask when ordering and before paying I will do my best to forfil your wish, but you will have to pay the going rate.

These are being sold for £85.00 + P&P of around £8.50



Parrot 10 copy

Unfortunately the Alcometer are all gone.

Parrot 1 copy Parrot 2 copy Parrot 3 copy Parrot 4 copy Parrot 5 copy Parrot 6 copy Parrot 7 copy Parrot 8 copy Parrot 9 copy Parrot 11 copy Parrot 12 copy Parrot 13 copy Parrot 14 copy Parrot 16 copy Parrot 17 copy Parrot 18 copy Parrot 19 copy Parrot 20 copy Parrot 15 copy

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