Copper Parrots Fixed or Free Standing.

Copper Parrots

There are a variety of differing Copper Parrots made by me to suite a variety of differing scenarios.  Some people like a free standing Parrot some like them as part of the distilling Liebig. Some Liebigs are straight down and some at an angle. The photos show most of the scenarios but if you have a special shape or angle or design you would like then please ask. We may be able to help you out.  Price wise they are all much of a muchness a similar amount of time and material go into each one. If you would like a tap on the bottom then that will cost a bit more. Probably another £10.00. Personally I collect the nasties before I connect or stand the Parrot in the collecting position.

Copper Parrots Fixed or Free Standing

I am trying to find a design whereby it is practical and easy to use, pack and post.  Having said that the design may evolve and not be exactly the same as the photos.  The removable legs and outlet spout seem to fit the bill.  Please see photos. The legs can be adjusted by carefully bending them where they attach to the body to allow you to get it up right so the Alcometer does not touch the sides of the tube. I have added a number to each photo to make it easier to order.

I no longer make the one on the mantle piece. I will have to do some new photos.

These are mainly made to order as not everyone wants the same thing. The prices of the Parrots will all be in region of £60.00 / £75.00 + P&P of £8.85  Should you wish to order one then pleases do so.

The Fixed to Liebig Parrots will be £60.00, £65.00 with dump tap, and the Free Standing Parrots will be £75.00 plus P&P.   Copper is increasing in price all the time now and it is hard to keep prices stable. Fixed to Liebig Parrot £60.00


Fixed to Liebig Parrot with Dump Tap £65.00


Free standing Parrot £75.00


Free Standing Parrot With Tap £85.00


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