Copper Fittings

Copper Pipe  and Copper End Feed Fittings

I have a few copper fittings that I use to make the various bits and pieces and I am willing to share these with my fellow Distiller’s. Most of the fittings are End Feed fitting.  The smaller fitting and pipe  i.e. 15mm 22mm and 28mm are all much of a muchness price wise so not a lot to gained in trying to compete. The bigger sizes tend to vary more in price so one can sometimes be competitive. I am going to stock some pipe as well as the fittings.

At the moment I have in stock  a limited amount of 35mm 42mm 54mm and 67mm Copper Tube.  I also have a limited amount of 54mm Elbows 54mm Couplers 35mm Couplers and 67mm Couplers.  If there is something in the fitting or pipe line that you are interested in please get in touch. I can usually get things within a couple of days so four to five days and you will have it.  I have not included pictures of the pipe as pipe is pipe is pipe.



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