Copper cooling condenser coil with cap.

Copper cooling condenser coil with cap.

This is a new unused single coil  copper cooling condenser. These are normally made to order. I try to keep one in hand.  It includes 54mm copper top cap to fit 54mm tube. A  6mm diameter thermostat probe tube 2.5″ to 3″ long.  A water in and a water out connection and the safety valve.  The water in and out are compression fittings to the 6mm spiral cooling tube. These fittings are 1/8th bsp female for the customers/your water connections. These connections can be of a different size if you require. Please note DO NOT USE A SINGLE SPANNER TO TIGHTEN YOUR EXTERNAL WATER CONNECTIONS GENTLY USE TWO SPANNERS. Remember it is only 6mm copper.  If you twist the connections off or bend the pipe through brute force don’t come crying to me. Be respectful of your equipment and it will last you years. Treat everything carefully as though it were precious and it will treat you the same way.

These cooling coils will last years. If they become a little tarnished make up a salutation of Citric Acid  and soak over night. Available from eBay and most Garden Centers.  It will look as good as new in the morning. Make up another salutation of Baking Powder and wash off the Citric Acid.  This neutralizes the acid and stop any further acetic action.
Please have a look at

The spiral itself is about 10″ long ( 260mm in new money ) and overall about 12″ ( 300mm )  It had a good flow of water through it when tested. £54.48 + £5.85 P&P

Top of condenser showing water connections, thermostat tube and pressure relief valve.

Showing entire condenser

The whole condenser balanced on a pencil just in case someone asks why the pencil.

Showing overal length

Side view with rule to give an idea of total length.

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