Copper Cooling Coil.

Copper Cooling Coil. 

 Here we have an 8mm copper cooling coil approximately 8mts in length. It was made specially for someone in Spain. Haven’t  heard back from him.

Cooling your Wort, Condensing the Vapours from your Pot or Still.

  This will be ideal for a number of things. i.e. cooling your wort, cooling your spirit or essential oil from the pot still or pressure cooker. Place the coil in a bucket or similar at a lower level than the heat source, as in the top of coil just below the bottom of the pot  place you collection jar a little lower still and away you go.  Your can also use it in reverse and run hot water through it to warm your brew if it is to cold before adding your yeast. It can be used for all sorts of things. The coil is approx. 8mts in length 17cm outside diameter  and 15cm in height when all tied down as in the photos and is made from 8mm pipe.  When untied the coil can be stretch to whatever height your cooling / heating receptacle is.
It will be supplied with an 8mm straight compression fitting and an 8mm compression elbow. I will also include a loose short piece of soft copper pipe for additional connections to / between pot and collection source.
Additional fittings are available as extras, 8mm adapter with external thread to fit the side of your bucket or for a better fit in the bottom of the bucket where it is flat. Just drill a hole insert the adapter do up the nuts, you may require some PTFE tape for a better seal push your pipe into the push fit inserts and that’s it. No more messing with silicone to try to make it water tight.
Alternately you can run your out put product through the coil and do everything in reverse order. The result will be the same. A cooled product.

Extra Fitting as follows—in drop down box.
8mm push fit adapter  connector.  Picture to follow.
8mm Compression Elbow.
8mm Compression Straight Coupler.
8mm Copper Pipe. Approx. 90 to 100cm long. Can be cut to length with Junior Hacksaw.         This particular item is SOLD.
However if you would like one like it please ask.

8mm Cooling Coil Cooling Coil 8mm Cooling Coil on it's side Cooling Coil + 1mt. 1mt pipe + coupler & elbow 8mm Elbow 8mm Coupler 8mm Coupler and Elbow

Copper Coil & Accessories

If you would like a similar coil or a shorter or longer coil then please get touch. Don’t forget to check out
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