Ferrules Copper & Brass

Ferrules Copper & Brass

Copper & Brass Tri Clamp Ferrules

2” 3”& 4” Copper and Brass Tri Clamp Ferrules. After a great deal of searching I have finally found the answer to the stainless steel ferrule that cannot be soldered to our copper columns.

 Ferrules that can be attached to our pipe with ease by anyone that can solder.
All that is needed is some flux and some lead free solder.

No more brazing needed.

Whilst these are not cheap the time and effort saved is enormous.
The added bonus is no need for Acetylene and Oxygen that has got to be good approx £350.00 for the two bottles.

The 2” 3” and 4” are the only sizes I have in stock. Other sizes are available but I would have to order them in.

We also have the standard 54mm Stainless Steel Version. 51mm OD for 54mm copper pipe.
Brass 54mm Ferrules. 51mm OD for 54mm  pipe size.
Copper 54mm Ferrules. 51mm OD for 54mm copper pipe. All the above ferrules and below tri clamps are the standard Tri Clamps for there size.
The Tri Clamps are the good quality Stainless Steel clamps.
At present I only have the basic sizes. This being 54mm, 76mm and 102mm. 2” 3” and 4”.
We also have the Tri Clamps for these ferrules as previously mentioned.
You must visit the website for all the new to website items. Most of these will not be on eBay due to the fact they take 10% of everything. I end up working for nothing, margins are very tight.

All the above  items are in a very limited stock amount if they sell well I will purchase some more.
There are other items on different pages. e.i.
Heating elements, Controllers, Milk Can Boiler amongst other things.

Don’t forget the sister site.

Please be awhere that all postage is for the UK only. I am will to post to most places please ask for post costs before you order.

There are a few guide prices on www.distillinguk.uk

Please note that the  3″ copper ferrules are all but gone I have 2 left.

Brass 4 x 4″

Stainless Steel 2 x 4″


Copper Ferrules

Brass Ferrules

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