Available at last


They Have arrived

 Copper and Brass Ferrules

Ferrules. After a lot of searching and expense I have located and purchased some of each at the moment they are in production.

This is going to make the soldering to copper pipe a piece of pi cake.
The stainless ferrules are very difficult to attach to copper pipe. They have to be brazed or welded onto the pipe.
This I have been doing but it is very difficult to keep everything in line and straight because it all moves when the heat is applied.
Now anyone will be able to do it with these 2″ 3″ & 4″ ferrules all you will need is a gas torch and the standard plumbers lead free solder.
This is not such a huge heat source as  the brazing or welding heat so easier to keep things in line and straight.

I have also obtained some other goodies. Some will be on eBay but all will be on this website.
There will be more items in the future if these items sell.
I have got just one 50Lt milk can still with the various items that I have fitted. The can has two heating elements a drain tap and thermometer
The lid has been fitted with a 54mm copper and brass union. Brass nuts and copper end feed connection for your column.

There are a couple of 2″ to 4″ SS reducers and a couple of the tri clamp discharge taps.
The 2” to 4” reducer allows to convert your existing 2” column off the keg to a 4” column. Thus improving out put.

I have also got some Tri Clamp 3Kw heating elements. These have the terminal covers with them.
There are also some Tri Clamps 2”, 3” and 4” silicone gaskets of the same sizes.

Along with the above elements we now have some 2Kw and 3Kw 28mm BSPT Elements.
These element are easy to fit in any type of can or pot.
A bit more difficult to fit to a keg but not impossible.
These also have a plastic terminal cover unlike the one’s from China.

We will now be able to attach our copper still columns to the stainless steel milk cans with ease via the new ferrules. Result.
The next shipment of mesh will be in the slightly larger size of 125mm wide instead of the 100mm wide I have been selling.
This will give a little better value. It will still be of the same wire size so it will still be a top quality mesh. Not the thin American stuff.

I also hope to be able to offer a range of other stainless items in the future ie cooling equipment, sight glass tees, still column extensions.
Perhaps some of the copper perforated plates, bubble plates and the like. Most of these will be in 4″ range.
This will not be a problem now we can attach things with the Copper or Brass ferrules.
Pop a bit of copper mesh into the mix somewhere near the top to get rid of any nasties and you are home and dry.
Stainless is perhaps not the enemy after all so long as there is  some copper somewhere to save the day.

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