Brass Hose Tails & Push Fit Connectors

Brass Hose Tails

3/8” and 1/4” Brass Hose Tails
Again I only have the popular sizes for distilling. These are the sizes I use when constructing Liebig’s and the like. This is all about distilling. I am not trying to cater for everyone just the amateur distiller so whatever is for sale is aimed at us.

The Y Connector.

I have acquired a few of these as I find them very useful when connecting water to and from the Condenser and the Liebig. They are very handy to link the hoses together so that just the one hose comes in and one hose goes out. I have only got the 10mm size as this is the size I use when making the various pieces to sell.
I find that this size is more than adequate for the supply in or out.

Hose Tails and Y connector

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