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Greentea Prakopsri

Also known as Mr Owens. Be Warned.

This is an Australian No 1 Bogan Drongo Wristy Wombat. No wonder his ancestors were sent to Australia. This man is a 100% D head. If his ancestors  were anything like this DADs then no wonder they were sent there. I have come across some a’ holes in my time but this one takes the biscuit.

He bought some mesh from me on eBay. Moaned like a drain about postage cost. Set by eBay. Moaned like a drain about the length of time it took to get it.

I offered a 20% discount although it was nothing to do with me just as a good will gesture which he threw back at me and asked for 30% discount. He then called me a Grifter. You don’t get nearly 800 positive feed backs and 5start ratings grifting people. He then opened a case against me with eBay. I said the discount is not available now you have opened a case. He decided to send the item back at his expense. This is another stupid thing he moaned about the cost to get and now is paying to send it back. He has now paid at least half the value of the item in postage. Go figure. Before I have received it back he has left negative feed back. Which eBay say can’t happen?????? According to this person I am an A1 Grifter.

I did not make him press the buy it now button with all the relevant information in front of him. All of this is of his own making yet I have to pay the price. What an idiot. A more in depth story on 

Sellers beware he has at this time 07/2017. 76 feedbacks. He has left 10 negative feedbacks for others. This is more than 10% of his total buys. This is a Wombat to be avoided.
Foot Note. I get the last laugh eBay has removed his comments and given me back my 100% rating.


Hello. I have recently gotten into making my own spirit. Looking around at various aspects of this very interesting hobby I have noticed that certain things are not readily available so I thought I would help to address this.

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