Dominoes Value for Money Packs

Dominoes Value for Money Packs .
This is the genuine article. It is the random sizes that are cut off to make the standard size dominoes.
If you do not need the standard size for a specific amount of alcohol then this is the way to go. I am selling them in lots of 100grams (approx. not less than ) There will be a mix of woods in the packs. These are normally fairly easy to distinguish. They will all contain American White Oak as it is the most popular.
I am not offering this to be flamed as some of it is quite thin. If it were flamed it would burn up and disappear.
I am offering this as an alternative in fact you may find the thin one’s work the best!!!
These American White Oak staves and others will all add colour. Most will add a lovely golden colour to your clear spirit. A similar colour to Teachers, Famous Grouse etc. The taste will depend on you.
How long you leave it in the container how often you shake the container how often you let fresh air in and stale air out etc, etc.
This is offered as an alternative not a cheap substitute. I use this myself and thought I would offer it to you as well.
All of the staves offered are cut long grain as this provides the very best results, so you can be assured that you are getting the best available. None of this chip stuff that can be cross grain orientated which gives an inferior result to the long grain cut.
It is sometimes thought that the thin wood sometimes provides a better result than the a thicker piece of wood.
Trial and error practice and perseverance. Take a look at you may find a book or video that is of interest.
To each his/her own.


Domino Value Pack 100g £5.65


Domino Value Pack 200g £9.65


Domino Value Pack 300g £12.65


Domino Value Pack 400g £15.65


Domino Value Pack 500g £17.65


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