Needle Valves 8mm 10mm 12mm


Nickel-Plated Brass BSP Thread Needle Valve

8mm 10mm 12mm Needle Valves with a compression nut and olive pipe fitting.

These needle valves are the solution to the control of water to and from the  Condenser and the Liebig.
They are the perfect answer to the hugely expensive needle valve. They do the same job as the one you pay £40 or £50 for.

May be not quite so sophisticated but what price sophistication. All we want to do is to control the flow of water to and from our cooling apparatus.
May be even control the flow of liquid from the Dividing Tray. Everything is possible. The impossible takes a little longer.
Again these are here in the UK. A few days away not a fortnight.

I am sorry to say that I only have one 10mm left. I will not be getting anymore.

Other Needle Valves See www.distilling uk for more valves.

Needle Valves

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