7.5 Lt Stainless Steel Pot Still.

7.5Lt Stainless Steel Pot Still.

7.5Lt Pot.  I am about to embark on a small stainless steel boiler venture.  You will be able to use these items on your normal Cooking Stove or Aga.  These will be infinitely better than the air cooled stills sold in most brew shops. The smallest of my pots is double the size of the brew shop still. You will be able to pack the column for reflux and remove the packing for pot stilling.   This is the complete ready to go make some moonshine still. Nothing else for you to do except pour in the low wines or sugar water or what ever you have brewed, turn on the heat, sit back and watch the good stuff arrive. All items I make are hand crafted and will contain the odd tool marks here and there. It all adds to the character of the beast.

This is the 7.5Lt pot.   Have a look at the photo’s.

I have tested it and it works well. It is basically the same as it’s predecessor just a little lager. I am intending to make a 7.5/11/15/and a 18.5Lt pot.  These will have cooling integrated into them in the form of a Liebig thus making them a little more sophisticated. The 6Lt pot is ideal for the beginner likewise the 7.5Lt.
The pots I am trying at the moment are as  follow.

1/ 6qt about 5.5lts
2/ 8qt about 7.5lts
3/ 12qt about 11lts
4/ 16qt about 15lts
5/ 20qt about 18.5lts

The column will be adjusted according to the size of the pot. i.e. small pot = small column, smaller pipe size.  The first 3 sizes will be suited to the 22mm Trombone type attachments  and Nos 4 and 5 to the 28mm column.

The lid on the 7.5Lt pot will be  attached via stainless steel spring loaded clips that will be either copper riveted on or stainless steel pot riveted on or both. The rim can be sealed by traditional methods of flour and water or via a plastic seal that is supplied.

The still is a basic 7.5Lt pot still.  You put in your wort and it will vaporise the content into steam which travels up the column and turns back into purified liquid (distilled liquid ) a purer liquid, a distilled liquid with most of the taste and smell of the starting liquid, it’s just a more pure product. The copper takes out a lot of the impurities so you end up with a better product than you started with.  But there is always a but.  The stuff that comes out once it reaches temperature is HOT, VERY HOT steam in fact so be careful. A Pyrex container would be ideal with a funnel in the top. The returning  steam would run down the exterior of the funnel back in the Pyrex container.  I did try a loose lid which helps capture a bit more liquid. I think the funnel would be the answer.  Trial and error.

Pots 2/3/4&5 all have a built in Liebig for cooling complete with a tap for adjusting the flow of cooling water. Just like a grown up still. If these sell well I will make more.

The main column on the 7.5Lt pot I will pack with copper mesh which you can leave in or take out as will your wont. This will encourage some reflux which in turn will make a higher alcohol  product, but it will remove some of the flavour.  If you want a pot still with more taste remove the mesh.

There is only the one. When it is gone it is gone, unless I make another one. I have put it on eBay as well but it is 10% more expensive. DON’T LOOK AT THE WORKSHOP CLUTTER but do look at www.whiskeymansblog.co.uk

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