Moonshine Jumbo Still Head Column Attachment.

 New Jumbo Still Head Attachment.  For 54mm copper columns.


This still head comes complete with the reflux bypass tap and the product to Liebig reflux control tap. There is also a thermostat tube and a built in pressure relief valve in case you forget to open  the taps. ( This unit can be replaced with a 10mm stud should you wish to. Not recommended!! ) The unit fits directly onto the main reflux still column via a 54mm coupler and sealing rubber gasket. No soldering to do. All you have to do is fit the coupler over your existing column roll down the gasket and you are in business. When you have finished your run roll the gasket back onto the coupler lift the unit of the column and clean. Now it is all ready to go again.
The beauty of this unit is it can be used as a reflux attachment or a pot still attachment. Two uses one attachment. It comes to you exactly as you it in the photos. It will not be advertised for sale on eBay they take to much!

Please please please if you live in a post code that is more expensive to deliver to get in touch with me before you order.  You know the area you live in so you know what to expect. This will save a lot of aggravation and embarrassment. I do feel for you but there is not much I can do about it. Postage is expensive wherever you live it just more expensive for some than it is for others. The up side is the area is probably remote, quiet and beautiful so you you have to pay for that in some way or another.


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