50Lt Stainless Steel Milk Can.

50Lt Stainless Steel Milk Can Still.

This is a new Milk Can. I only have the one when it’s gone it’s gone.

I have also got various accessories for this milk can. It has 2no 2″ tri clamp opening in the top and one in the bottom, there is also a 1/2” tri clamp port in the bottom for a drain tap.
The lid has a 4″ opening and it fits to the can via 3no heavy duty clips. The lid also has a silicone gasket seal.
This is ideal for a 4″ tri clamp still stack. Having said that I also have some 4” to 2” tri clamp reducers so it can easily be used with a 2” stack.

I am selling this as a trial so it is at a very good price compared to other cans of it’s type on the market. I do have another can of the same proportions but with out any ports in it.
Both of these cans are made of good quality Stainless Steel and will last a lifetime. The can with out the tri clamp facility has the standard milk can lid. Not a tri clamp lid.
Please see other listings on the website for optional extras to go with this Milk Can such as heating elements etc.
These cans can be used with an electrical heating element or they can be used on a gas burner. Either will work just as well.
I can also supply the copper tube to make your stack or I can make it for you. Obviously it will be at an additional cost.
This would include copper mesh packing, dividing trays, cooling coils, liebigs, parrots etc.
There must some copper used in the system to remove all or most of the nasties.
These are the ultimate small scale still boilers. Ideal for a forty litre or less load of liquid low wines or the for the second or third run.

See also http://www.distillingdominoes.co.uk/35lt-brew-pot/

The 50Lt Milk Can with Tri Clamp Fittings is SOLD the remaining Can does NOT have Tri Clamp Fitting Both Cans are now SOLD

Free Delivery!

I will have more in the future.

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