35Lt Brew Pot.

35Lt Brew Pot.

This 35Lt Brew Pot is Stainless Steel with two handles and circular lid handle that is supplied lose.

They can be fitted with heating elements or used on a domestic cooking appliance. Not suitable for induction hobs.
I am converting some of these pots and will put them on eBay when complete.
They will also be on the website ( www.distillingdominoes.co.uk )Please see other listings.
This pot is identical to the basic pot but with a hole in the lid. No handle supplied as nowhere to fit it.
The sizes are A/ 28mm B/ 35mm C/ 42mm D/ 54mm
This is the size hole that will accept a  fitting that will take that particular size of pipe.
Example D/54mm Pipe. This will be a 60mm hole.
It is NOT the pipe size it is the fitting size for that size of pipe.

I have the copper brass unions for the above pipe sizes in stock. I also have the 2Kw and 3Kw elements.
These are BSPT 1” thread not the continental / American DN thread.

Taps and temperature gauges can also be supplied and or fitted.

The other options are in another listing.  35Lt Pots with Options.
The basic pot is £65.00. Pot with a hole in the lid size of choice is £68.00 + P&P
Any questions please ask.


35Lt Brew Pot

These Pots are now sold out.

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