15Lt Pot Still

15Lt Medium Size Pot Still with Copper Stillhead

This 15lt-pot-still is a complete ready to make moonshine still.  All that’s needed is a wash and a heat source to make some good old moonshine.  You will need to run one or two cleaning runs to ensure all the production oils and swarf have been removed as with any new product that you are going to consume from. This is suitable for use on most domestic and BBQ stoves. I do not  advise it’s use on Induction Heated equipment.  Apart from that most anything goes.  These are not high end stainless pots they are run of the mill pots hence the low price of the finished article. 15Lt is a medium size hob top stilling system. But they work well.  The lids are secured with stainless steel spring clips and a plastic seal around the top. This seal can be remove and the traditional flour paste seal used so everything is as authentic as possible.  The clip retainer can be eased up or down slightly with a pair of pliers to increase or decrease the tension on the lid.  The Liebig is a 28mm external tube with a 15mm internal product tube, this in turn leads to a 10mm tube for the product out into your receptacle. This tee is a balancing tee as well  as being practicable, you can position the outlet arm to be in the most convenient place ,ie as far as possible from the heat source. Do not undo the bottom nut. ALWAYS USE TWO SPANNERS TO TIGHTEN OR LOOSEN THE COMPRESSION NUTS.  The water hose connections. Heat or warm the hose if you are using normal garden, put the end in some very hot water for a few  minutes then gently push it over the the copper pipe it may take a couple of attempts and secure with a hose clip of your preference. A cloth or gloves may be useful.   Not much else I can say apart from have a look at www.whiskeymansblog.co.uk If you have any questions please feel free to ask via the website.   Please see the photos.

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