1 Litre & 1/2 Litre Flamed Dominoes

1 Litre Flamed Domino

 1 Litre size domino. After a bit of research  ( not set in stone I may add ) the nearest I can find out to be the equivalent of the interior of a 55/65 gallon barrel is 250mm x 20mm x 20mm. This is the approximate area of wood in contact within that amount of liquid inside the barrel.  It wood no, it would follow that a jar with that area of wood in it will be the equivalent of that in the barrel.  Instead of waiting 5 or 10 years for something to happen you can make it happen a few weeks.  Pop the wood in the jar  give it sake each time you pass, or a couple of times a week 5 to 10 years will pass in just a few days / weeks. Magic.

The barrel does not get moved hardly at all, may be once a year maybe once in it’s storage live time, but your 1 Litre gets moved often.

The barrel does not get moved hardly at all, may be once a year maybe once in it’s storage live time for that particular batch. Thus the process takes years.  All the time the Angels are getting pissed.  No wonder there is such chaos in the world. Well, the alcohol is evaporating  anyway  through  the wood. You put in 55/65 gallons and get about 50/60 gallons out. No wonder it’s expensive.  But we can make our own. Sometimes it may be better than the bought stuff sometimes it may not. But at least it’s done in no time flat.

The size of the wood is not important it is the area that is important.  We have a half litre size as well which is 125mm x 20mm x 20mm Sizes may vary but will be worked out to give the best results. 

Please see the blog    http://www.whiskeymansblog.co.uk      some of the drivel may be interesting.  

Also check out  http;//www.distillinguk.uk

All postage is for normal  UK post codes only.  Highlands, Islands and overseas please ask for postage amounts.

Please add a note when ordering of the variety you would like.

Please also say how you would like it flamed. If no instructions are left I will supply it medium flamed.

Plain no Flame 1L  American White Oak.£8.00

Plain no Flame 1/2L  American White Oak £5.50

Light Flame 1L   A.W.Oak £8.50

Light Flame 1/2L A.W.Oak £5.75

Medium Flame 1L  A.W.Oak £8.65

Medium Flame 1/2L A.W.Oak £5.85

Heavy Flame 1L A.W.Oak £8.95

Heavy Flame 1/2L A.W.Oak £5.95

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