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 Distilling Dominoes

                       First I would like to Welcome YOU to Distilling Dominoes. This is our Home Page, a landing page a starting point.
Just a brief list of some of the items we have on the website.
  The main reason for the site is at the top of the list, Dominoes.
The American White Oak Domino is the number one on most peoples list. We do of course have other woods.

Moonshine Dominoes cut to order and Flamed.

Moonshine Dominoes cut to order and not Flamed.

Top Quality Knitted Copper Mesh cut to length when ordered.

The Home of Handcrafted  Copper Distilling items made to order .

Stainless Steel beer kegs 50Lt and 100Lt please enquire.

Stainless Steel Beer Kegs with Copper Still Heads.

Stainless Steel Pots with Copper Still Heads and Copper Cooling.

Essence Pots with Copper Heads and Copper Cooling.

POSTAGE  I am willing to post items to most countries. PLEASE before you purchase an item to go outside of the UK contact me with your address.
Failure to do so may result in you money being refunded. This is not good for friend ship or business.
Postage is very expensive but I will do my best to ensure that it will be as cheaply as possible.
I will let you know the options and you can tell me if you accept them or not.

We have a passion for most things to do with  brewing and in particular distilling.

We have quite a few items already made up on the site that you see on eBay from America with huge postage amounts.
You can buy a lot of them here with smaller postage amounts plus you will get them quicker.
If you see it and you want it and we do not have it please ask. If I can make it up for you I will.
We are a small hobby site not a huge conglomerate, we like the personal touch and try very hard to be as helpful and as friendly as possible.

If you have something in mind that you would like made please ask. If I can I will.

Please browse the site and enjoy. I am an amateur at all this computing and site stuff I work with my hands.

We now have a new Website called Whiskey Man's Blog. Check it out. Leave a comment.


Our contact us page seems to be having a problem. Please contact us via distillingdominoes@gmail.com or whiskeymansblog@gmail.com or distillinguk.uk@gmail.com


I am very sorry to have to say I have removed my comments page. This due to the amount of Russian sex rubbish I have been getting. 


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